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Braids Hairstyles for Black Women 2013

Braids Hairstyles for Black Women 2013

Whether you have short hair or long, most women covet braids. Plaited hair can look neat without looking dowdy. These are some fantastic examples of braid hairstyles for black women that you will surely find irresistible. Partial braiding also looks very chic. Dividing the hair in parts and tying braids in different directions can also be a superb hairstyle. Some of these styles are a little elaborate and will suit formal occasions. But some are simple yet stylish. These will go well with party wear as well as jeans and tees with equal panache. Each one is a style worth copying.

Braids Hairstyles for Black Women 2013: Long hair is a woman’s glory. But keeping it neat without getting tangled can pose a problem. Since ancient times braids have been the best choice in keeping hair tidy and cared for. Here are some black women braid hairstyles that are worth imitating. They look neat, chic, ethnic and modern all rolled into one. Braids have an uncanny versatility that is amazing. They can be tied into a braided pony. They can be left loose like a cascade of braids over the shoulders. Either way, braids have a glorious look that make a trend setting hairstyle even in their simplest form.

Braids For Volume: When you want more volume for your braided hairstyle, this is a superlative option. It looks very trendy.

Long Plaits: When you have such long hair why not show it off? This braided hairstyle is just perfect for that.

Partial Braids: This is a combo that looks very chic. The braids end in very stylish waves around the shoulders.

Summer Hairstyle: This is a great style for the summer heat. The braided pony looks neat and very stylish.

Beautiful Braid: These braids in dark and light brown are a very novel idea and look fantastic.

Striking Style: This hairstyle is very striking and chic. Bangs and braids forming a French roll are a great combo.

Stylish Pretender: These braids look very stylish while they pretend to look like a shaggy layered bob.

Braided Glory: Thick braids like these are a woman’s treasure. The single blonde braid makes this style very trendy.

Gloriously Parallel: These parallel braids look glorious. The hairstyle remains neat and looks stylish.

Bob Full Of Braids: A collection of braids forming a short bob is a fantastic hairstyle for this lovely oval face.

Braids All Over: This is a very trendy and modern hairstyle. The braids tied at uneven levels suit the modern outfit.

Bridal Chic: Braids forming an updo like this one are a superb hairstyle. They suit the trendy bridal gown.

Curved Braids: This is a classic hairstyle. The braids curve around the head looking really trendy.

Triple Effect: As far as braided hairstyles go this takes first prize. The braids tied from three different directions looks superlative.

Just A Little Different: When you want a braided hairstyle that is just a little different, the circular braids make this a perfect choice.

Glorious Darkness: Dark braids tied in this glorious display are a great hairstyle. They look good enough with any outfit.

Braided Updo: This braided updo looks superb as a bridal hairstyle. It will remain neat throughout the ceremony.

Just A Few: Just a few braids framing the face look great. The straight hair and braids combo looks superb.

Very Long And Beautiful: Very long braids like these are a matter of pride. This young lady definitely has reason to show them off.

Like A Crown: The circle of braids round the head is a fantastic hairstyle. It looks like a neat little crown.

A Style In Braids: The braids tied in a stylish updo like this one is a superb idea party wear as well as casuals.

Leave Them Alone: A beautiful collection of thick braids like these are worth showing off. The style will suit all occasions.

Braids And Bun: Braids ending in an updo like this look very chic. This hairstyle is perfect for formal occasions.

Shaggy Pony And Braids: Thin braids ending in a shaggy pony look superlative. The reddish-brown highlights look very trendy.

A Thick Bunch Of Plaits: Braids like these look great with formal party gowns as well as jeans and tees.

Micro Braided: Micro braids ending in straight strands make this hairstyle very trendy and modern.

Red Brigade: This is a trend setting hairstyle. The reddish-brown braids look glorious and very stylish.

Superb Blend: A blend of braids and straight tresses makes a superlative combo. This is a lovely hairstyle.

Surprise Ending: This glorious bunch of braids looks fantastic on its own. The golden highlights at the ends look truly trendy.

Short And Sweet: These short braids tied around the head make a very sweet and neat hairstyle worth being proud of.

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